General Health Check-Up

Mother Hospital, one of Thrissur's most trusted health care providers is dedicated to offer you a comprehensive and excellent medical care under one roof.

Health check-up packages always help our patients to manage problems according to their clinical symptoms which help full for early diagnosis. Our packages will cover all age groups and both the genders. Our health packages show a remarkable achievement in Post-Covid management. Our health check-up is an advantage to every patient as it gives you proper advice by our expert consultants based on your reports. A penny worth of prevention is worth a pound of cure and this is where the concept of preventive, pro-active health check-up comes in. Service of a dietitian and physiotherapist are also available in the general health check-up clinic.


Basic Health Check-up, Premium Health Check-up, Executive Health Check-up, Executive Plus Health Check-up, Cardiac Executive Health Check-up, Senior Citizen Health Check-up, Child Health Check-Up, Post Covid Health Check-up


Dr. Neha.T.H
Consultant Physician
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