A diagnosis of a serious physical illness, particularly cancer, can be an overwhelming experience for many people. Emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, uncertainty and sadness can be commonly felt at any stage-during assessment, at diagnosis, during treatment and follow up times- by patients and family members alike. Psychological support is found to be of benefit during this time.

We, at the Psychiatric Unit and Clinical Psychology Dept at Mother Hospital, provide psychological support services for patients and their family members. This service is for both admitted patients as well as those attending outpatient clinics. We work in a team of Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist, on a consultation-liaison model of service.

Referrals for psychiatric and psychological assessments can be arranged by staff working with the patients. Self-referrals (patients and/or family members) are also accepted.

Psychological support services are also available for staff working in the hospital, keeping in mind that working in specialized area of oncology and can be overwhelming at times, leading to stress.

We are involved too in education and training pertaining to topics such as psychological issues in cancer, communication skills and stress management.