Department of psychiatry and behavior medicine provides comprehensive mental health services ranging from psycho-social treatments like counselling and psychotherapy to biological treatment modalities like pharmacotherapy. Dept. of psychiatry, Mother Hospital, was established in the year 1992.  

Over the years the department has been providing best services in the field of psychiatry and behavioral medicine. The department provides sub - speciality services in General Psychiatry. De-addiction services, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, consultation liaise in psychiatry, drug treatment, psychotherapy and psycho-social treatments are judiciously combined together.

The dept works hand in hand with clinical psychology which provides services like psycho-diagnostic services, psychotherapy and counselling for both children and adults. The nursing staff is well trained in dealing with psychiatric emergencies and have over ten years experience in the field of psychiatric nursing. The in-patient wing is a ten bedded unit with facilities for admission, intensive care treatment and de-addition services. The dept. regularly conducts training programmes in rotation for psychiatry trainees and nursing students.