As a model of integrated approach of medical care, Mother Hospital, Thrissur has been supporting the functioning of its Ayurveda Wing for the past 12 years.

Ayurveda is a traditional health - care system of India. Combining the essence of the wisdom of The Great Ayurvedic Sages with the contemporary scientific wisdom, the ayurveda wing of Mother Hospital caters to the various health care needs of the clients at OPD and IPD levels.

With a blend of safe and effective herbal medicines and Panchakarma therapies like Kizhi, Abyangam, Pizhichil, Dhara, Vasthi, Nasyam etc promising results are being offered to the patient community. We specialize in Vata related diseases especially backpains, spinal problems, arthritis, knee joint pain etc. Our other specializations include Obesity Clinic, extending health care to patients of PCOD, Hypothyroidism etc. Our Ayurveda wing also offers safe and effctive management of Psoriasis. We also offer result yeilding therapy and care for hair problems like dandruff, hairfall etc. Patient care and therapies are designed and led by qualified and experienced ayurvedic doctors.