Department of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases has a team of two gastroenterologists, a specialist gastrointestinal surgeon, well trained nursing staff and technicians all working as a unit. The centre has the equipments and skilled personnel to perform all diagnostic and therapeutic upper G.I., lower G.I, and small bowel endoscopies. ERCPs and endotherapy of biliary and pancreatic diseases are performed with results comparable to the best of the centers in India and abroad. Many life-saving endoscopic procedures such as variceal band ligation, biliary stenting and stone extraction are done at reasonable costs without compromising on the quality of care for the patient.

G.I. Surgery unit has been doing several routine and advanced surgical operations with excellent results. These include Whipples Pancreatico-duodenectomies for periampullary neoplasm, Puestows’ pancreatico-jejunostomies for chronic calcific pancreatitis, hepatic resections for hepatic neoplasm, resection of hilar cholangiocarcinomas (Klatskin tumour) oesophago-gastrectomies, colectomy with ileo-anal reconstruction, surgery for benign biliary stricture etc. Our laproscopic surgeries include cholecystectomy, appendicectomy, closure perforation, hernia repair, colo-rectal surgery, adrenal tumour resection, removal of liver cyst, splenectomy and other advanced procedures. We have been taking pains to keep the cost of care as low as possible, for the deserving without compromising on the quality.

Gastroenterology department has modern 6 bedded ICU to manage all emergencies and for post-operative patient care round-the-clock on all days.