The department of anaesthesiology is a team of three qualified anaesthesiologists and well trained nursing personnel and technicians pertaining to this particular branch. Our department is fully furnished with all latest technology and equipments to provide general and regional anaesthesia. Post-operative ventilatory care is provided whenever it is needed. Apart from routine anaesthesia care, post-operative analgesia with the use of syringe pump and post-operative epidural analgesia are our sub-specialities, which are well accepted by our surgical specialities as well as the patients.

The responsibility of the anaesthesiologist in obstetrics is greater than in any other field of anaesthesia. The expertise of the anaesthesiologist is well utilized for the relief of labour pain by providing epidural labour analgesia. Pain relief thus obtained has physiological and psychological benefits for both mother and fetus. Our anaesthesiologists have a greater role in the patient care in the critical care unit equipped with most advanced ventilators. We have an excellent result in managing cases of respiratory failure due to various causes in our CCU.

The department of anaesthesiology of Mother Hospital is among the best to provide 24 hour services and ready to meet emergencies at any time of the year.