Dr. Geevar Zachariah
Senior Cardiologist

Registration No: 16373 Highly experienced and professional cardiologist with a talent and passion for diagnosing,intervening and treating a wide range of heart and cardiovascular disorders as well as operating and handling various cardiac testing equipment and devices.Over 46 years of experience in the medical field and a highly trained cardiologist with strong clinical abilities and a successful career.Proactive and organized with passionate commitment to first-rate patient care.Offers excellent work management skills along with good communication and behavioural aspects.Dedicated to providing excellent care and service to patients. Past working place: Amala Hospital, Thrissur

Proficient in Malayalam, English
OP Timing: Monday, Wednesday & Friday - 6pm to 7pm




 Best Outgoing Student in Medical College-Kozhikode, Gold Medallist In 1975

Publications: Edited "Know Your Heart" Book. Several Publications in International Journals