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Nursing - an art or science?

According to Nursing World, nursing is an art of winning the trust of patients, understanding their wishes and responding to their emotional, psychological and congnitive needs with love and compassion. Nursing is an art of applying the virtues and philosophies of healing during care.

But I love to consider this profession as SCIENTIFIC too....

Nursing can be considered as an art and a science, wherein caring forms the theoretical frame work of nursing. Nursing and caring are grounded in a relational understanding, unity, and connection between the patients. Keeping the care in nursing involves the application of art and science through theoretical concepts, scientific research and purposeful efforts to include caring behaviors during each nurse-patient interaction.

Science has been defined as an intellectual process for using all of one's mental and physical resources to better understand, explain, quantitate, and predict normal and unusual natural phenomena. Nursing is a science oriented to human caring, which includes arts and humanities. Nursing science includes research based on theoretical knowledge that is reflective, subjective, objective, and interpretive. Professional nurses are accountable for the influence they have on a patient's perception of care. This influence should not be taken for granted and includes the art of causing an effect in an intangible caring way. Nurses further influence the caring experience and healthcare outcome of patients by applying evidence-based research to nursing practice. Though the words nursing and caring are often used synonymously, the acts are unique, as nursing is an art and a science, and caring is the art and science that defines nursing.

Both nursing's art and its science are essential for excellence in the performance of nursing's mission. There is a delicately balanced movement between art and science portrayed by experienced nurses that transcends as it uses the differences between these two forms.

Usha Rani L.D.

Nursing Superintendent